Fire Chief

Candles Cause Fires: "Thereís almost no reason in the world for people nowadays to use candles during a power outage. The National Candle Association even discourages people from using candles under those circumstances. People are under stress, thereís a lot of events going on, it could be storming, it could be windy there could be an earth quake, there could be a host of issues taking your mind away from the candle and unattended candles cause fires."

Flashlights Are Unreliable: "Iíve seen it first hand where people have gone for their flashlight and theyíve had to bang it to get it to work. Itís a matter of a maintenance issue whereas SnapLights donít rely on batteries or bulbs and donít have a maintenance issue. You put SnapLights in a drawer and it stays fresh and ready to go for quite a bit longer than any battery powered flashlight that Iím aware of."

Emergency Light Solution: SnapLights® "These chemical lightsticks are a wonderful invention. Theyíre non-toxic, they donít pose any health risk, they donít generate any heat or flame, they have a predetermined lifespan - so if you need five minutes of light they have a five minute light stick, if you need 12 hours of light they have 12 hour light sticks. They fit the bill very nicely. Inexpensive, long shelf life, it even surpasses the use of flashlights."
-Mike Mercandante, Deputy Fire Chief, Agawam Fire Department

"Traveling at 3:00AM, my car sustained a flat tire. I had a flashlight which provided very little light. I suddenly remembered Iíd placed SnapLights in my car two years earlier. After all this time sitting in a car through summer heat and freezing winter temperatures they lit and stayed lit for the next couple of hours. Iím telling everyone I know to keep SnapLights in their cars."
-Marilyn Kocis Member Services Director, Wisconsin Council of Safety

"I knew from the start that we had chosen the best when we selected SnapLights, but now that we used the product to safely evacuate ourselves, it confirmed that beyond any doubt."
-Steven Schwartz, Humanscale Safety Products

"Thought you'd enjoy stories about the value of SnapLights. They're often handyÖoccasionally essential. On a rescue several years ago, a stuck solo rock climber's life was almost certainly saved by a SnapLight. In the Rocky Mountain Rescue Group, it's common for rescuers to carry SnapLights in their rescue packs."
-Dave Hibl Rocky Mountain Rescue Group

"Last night we had some pretty serious storms move through and we had a power outage for six hours. We lit our SnapLights so we could sleep safely. As a medic, I have used them in the field and what an awesome product they are."
-Heather, Pennsylvania

"We always take SnapLights in the woods with us when weíre on a night time operation. We use them as trail markers, and they work especially well at night."
-Skee Hipszay, Operations Director for El Paso County Search and Rescue, Colorado

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